Resume Formatting Hiring Managers Will Notice

It's easy to overthink your resume. Most hiring managers agree, if you have scannable keywords, concise achievements, and consistent formatting, it doesn't matter what your resume looks like. 


Resume Components

You're submitting your information to an Applicant Tracking Systems (aka - a machine), and then the hiring manager scans it. Keep your resume consistently structured, focused, and concise so both the ATS and Hiring Manager can scan and quickly qualify your application

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    Personal Information

    Always include your direct contact information at the top of your resume. Other items such as Linkedin profile, location, and website should be included if they match your resume content or add value to your candidacy

    Crackerjack Advice: Profile images and graphics usually are ignored and mess up formatting. Ensure your contact information is centered or right-aligned so the ATS can read it correctly

    Applicant information section
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    Professional Summary

    Summaries are often missing from resumes. While it takes a chunk of space, it tends to replace the cover letter (which is often ignored) and is a great opportunity to frontload your resume with job keywords

    Crackerjack Advice: Look at the title of the job you're applying for and use a close variation as the header for your resume summary

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    Work Experience

    Experience is the core of your resume. Most applicants will align dates to the left to save space but the positioning of job titles and companies does not matter. Remember to bullet point your achievements and use this guide to write a power experience bullet

    Crackerjack Advice: Frontload your two most recent experiences with keywords that match the job description you're applying for 

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    Skills & Additional Context

    This is the "cherry on top" section of the resume. If you feel like you haven't showcased all relevant skills or accomplishments in your experience section, you can work them in here. Make sure to have skills as the top section

    Crackerjack Advice: Use the skills section to add any missing job description keywords. Don't stuff though as it will be obvious to a hiring manager. Also, achievements/awards/volunteering aren't required but can be a great way to nudge a manager to reach out once they land on your resume.

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    Don't overthink this section. It doesn't matter what order you list degree(s) or school(s), but add a GPA last if you think it will make your profile stand out

    Crackerjack Advice: If you're an early career applicant, it could help your profile to add two/three bullet points below each degree to highlight any awards/accomplishments (e.g. Dean's List or Business Competition Grant Winner)

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